2005 January 16
This weekend was very busy. Friday was great - met up with Z and Seti at Des Amis after eating an impromptu dinner at Coastal Kitchen. The place has very good food - although for a cost. A homeless bum sat next to me for a while until he solicited some women for some money and was kicked out. The past two days have been physically tough as I've picked up cross country skiing. The equipment is cheap and the weather cold, but apparently you need it to be 15F outside in order to keep temperate. I have to say I'm hooked. Now on to Winteroba 2005.

Bub on 2005 January 20:
Yeah, Mina look so cute! You're going to build massive leg muscles from cross country skiing. Well maybe not massive, but buff indeedy.


snotty on 2005 January 24:
I got to say that the skate skiiers loog really good, but I'm still just starting and 2-3 hrs of skiing makes me as hungry as 4-5 hrs of biking it seems. It should only get worse as I practice with a full race pack - it'll be way heavier than what I normally carry.

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