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Website Renewal

The website is undergoing renovation. Some features may be missing or broken during the process.



After losing our room without prior warning in the previous year, we have been struggling to recover our infrastructure.

Since the entire infrastructure was undergoing migrations and upgrades right as the room loss occurred, we were forced to leave services offline for a long time. Restoration efforts were hampered by not being able to access the server room easily. Effectively, this meant that the infrastructure had to be rebuilt from the ground up.

After a year of work, we are getting very close to complete migration of decades worth of data onto brand new hardware, which should stand as a reliable base for our services for the years to come. We plan to finish complete migration by the end of this academic year, and to begin regular LUG activity in the upcoming year.


Current Migration Status: Almost done

Force-refresh the page using Ctrl+Shift+R if needed.



  • Storage node built and in service
  • Compute nodes/VM hosts configured and in service
  • Router machine built, configured, in service
  • DNS machine to be configured


  • Old webdata recovered
  • Old userdata recovered, transferred to storage node
  • LDAP data recovered, transferred


  • Webpage and wiki are now running on our own infra
  • SSH endpoint being configured
  • Misc. web services (Nextcloud, etc.) to be configured in the future
  • DNS server up and running


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Winter 2019 Installfest

Saturday, January 19, 2019 12-3PM

Boelter Hall 4760

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Spring 2018 Installfest

Saturday, April 7, 2018 12-5PM

Boelter Hall 4760

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