2004 November 10
The cat is probably 5-6 pounds now and still growing and getting fatter. This weekend was the seattle car show with aaron and gang and it was pretty fun. I'm really into trucks now for some reason, the Titan, Avalance, Frontier and Explorer Sporttrac are at the top of my list right now. Other than that, I'm temporarily in the bay area driving the Pontiac G6 which is better than I expected. I know for a fact that I don't want XM Radio now - the channels suck and there's less stuff of what I listen to than regular radio. I'll put up with some commercials rather than pay XM to have no commercials but nothing I want. Now to figure out that whole truck thing...

Amber on 2004 November 18:
dude you got a cat? picts? and how come you didn't call me back when you were in town?


snotty on 2004 December 3:
yes jen has a cat - no I don't have any pictures - and I didn't call you back because I couldn't meet you at Bay 101 - had to take care of the biz...

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