2013-11-20 webserverrefacored wiki links to remove index.php master
2013-11-16 webserverdirect the "subscribe!" link to a wiki page
2013-11-16 webserverupdate website links for troy and nathan
2013-11-04 webserverfix Tux penguin size
2013-11-04 webserverre-style IRC contact info, relocate link to cgiirc
2013-11-04 webserveradd IE check and make Tux SVG compatible with IE
2013-11-04 webserveradded viewBox parameters to all logo SVGs for Internet...
2013-11-03 webserverremove officer emails link from contact page
2013-11-03 webserverupdate officer profiles
2013-11-03 webserverxml parser uses wrong file
2013-11-02 webserverxml comments acceptible
2013-11-02 webserverhtml w3c validated
2013-10-30 webserverupdated front description and added halloween pic
2013-10-28 webserverfix typo in nathan's description
2013-10-28 webservercgiirc links now point to new location
2013-10-25 webserverupdate officer descriptions
2013-10-25 webserverupdated calendar embed code
2013-10-25 webserverupdated site pip requirements
2013-10-06 webserverupdate contact page
2013-10-02 Troy Sankeyadded a Join Us page
2013-09-26 Troy Sankeyupdate events list
2013-09-25 Troy Sankeyupdate events list
2013-09-23 webserverfix last commit
2013-09-23 Troy Sankeymoved back first meeting of the year
2013-09-18 webservercorrect path to find officers.xml
2013-09-18 webserverreduce column size of profiles
2013-09-18 Troy Sankeyadded profile picture for Nathan Aclander on contact... xml_profiles
2013-09-18 Troy Sankeycomplete profile xml parsing for officers feature
2013-09-18 Troy Sankeypreliminary support for reading xml officer profiles
2013-09-12 webserverAdded description for Matthew McKeen on contact page
2013-09-12 Troy Sankeychanged my profile description
2013-09-09 webserverfix junk from previous commits...
2013-09-09 webserverMerge branch 'master' of localhost:ucla-lug-website
2013-09-09 webserveradded site thumbnail, e.g. for reddit submissions
2013-09-09 webserveradded site thumbnail, e.g. for reddit submissions
2013-09-08 webserverAdded picture for Matthew McKeen to Contacts
2013-09-08 webserveradded profile pics for troy and nathan
2013-09-08 webserverChange Matthew McKeen website on contact page
2013-09-08 webserverremoved settings.py
2013-09-06 webservermodified temporary events
2013-09-06 webservermodified profile description for Troy Sankey
2013-09-04 Troy Sankeyhard-code some events
2013-09-04 webserverofficer profiles temporarily hard-filled
2013-09-04 webserveradd development version of calendar
2013-07-01 webserverreduce size of cc0 notice
2013-07-01 webserverMerge branch 'master' of localhost:ucla-lug-website
2013-07-01 webserverchange copyright to CC0 (public domain)
2013-06-20 Troy Sankeyrestructure README
2013-06-20 Troy Sankeyremove unneeded files; fix README
2013-06-19 Troy Sankeyadded images for previous commit
2013-06-19 Troy Sankeychange license to cc0
2013-06-17 webserverfinish officers formatting
2013-06-17 webserverstart styling officers section
2013-06-12 Troy Sankeyreword index.html
2013-06-12 Troy Sankeymove member benefits to contact.html
2013-06-11 webservermoved services; require python-caldav
2013-06-07 Troy Sankeyupdate link to application form
2013-06-07 Troy Sankeyadd link to giveaway; update services
2013-06-06 webserverreduced nav button corner roundedness
2013-06-03 webserverMerge branch 'master' of localhost:ucla-lug-website
2013-06-03 Troy Sankeyssh to secure_shell
2013-05-29 webserveradd support for piwik tracker (for analytics)
2013-05-29 webserverpoint irc link to cgiirc; fix copyright
2013-05-28 webserverpoint to cgiirc; add favicon
2013-05-28 Troy Sankeyremove period
2013-05-27 Troy Sankeyadd favicon original source
2013-05-27 Troy Sankeyreplaced favicons with new ones
2013-05-27 Troy Sankeyadded favicons
2013-05-27 webserverfix last commit
2013-05-27 webserverrefactor more refernces to old title UCLALUG
2013-05-27 webserveradd more services to services.html
2013-05-27 webserverfix some words
2013-05-27 Troy Sankeyrestructure html of contact page
2013-05-26 webservermake validated; round corners of navbar
2013-05-16 webserverfix header sizes
2013-05-16 webserverfix bottom padding
2013-05-16 webservermake font sizes all em
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2013-05-16 webserverfixed 404 message
2013-05-13 Troy Sankeyadded cc-by-sa.svg
2013-05-12 Troy Sankeyadded keywords to html meta tag
2013-05-08 Troy Sankeyremove donation buttons
2013-05-04 webserverchanged license from cc-by-nc-sa to cc-by-sa (removed...
2013-05-04 webserverheader uses gradient
2013-05-03 Troy Sankeymore lug@ucla refactoring
2013-05-03 Troy Sankeyfix logos for wiki
2013-05-03 Troy Sankeyrefactor logos
2013-05-02 webservercenter donation buttons
2013-05-02 webserverdisable caching; reword index.html; fix footer
2013-05-02 Troy SankeyMerge branch 'master' of hiroshima.linux.ucla.edu:ucla...
2013-05-02 Troy Sankeyuse new lug logo
2013-04-28 webserveradded footer content
2013-04-27 Troy Sankeyuse NewTux.svg which is smaller
2013-04-26 webserverchanged bitcoin button to link to public address
2013-04-22 Troy Sankeymake tux 96px
2013-04-21 webserveradded tux logo to index.html
2013-04-21 Troy Sankeyadded tux files
2013-04-20 Troy Sankeycontact.html: high-tech, low-tech