2016-03-01 Troy Sankeyminor update master
2016-02-28 Troy Sankeyseveral updates and sync txt and tex
2015-12-23 Troy Sankeyadd stuff about web dev
2015-12-22 Troy Sankeyupdated txt version again
2015-12-05 Troy Sankeyupdated txt version
2015-10-16 Troy Sankey2015 update
2014-09-17 Troy Sankeyre-flow plaintext version
2014-09-17 Troy Sankeyadd personality section to plaintext version
2014-09-17 Troy Sankeyupdated CASS description
2014-09-17 Troy Sankeyminor fixes to plaintext resume
2014-09-16 Troy Sankeyupdated GPA, Emacs > Vim
2014-04-14 Troy Sankeyminor fixes, bump GPA
2014-02-19 Troy Sankeyadded resume.txt (plaintext version)
2014-02-19 Troy Sankeyprepend pgp key with 0x
2014-02-19 Troy Sankeyminor grammar fix
2014-02-19 Troy Sankeyadded raid/gluster
2014-02-19 Troy Sankeyremoved sanford burnham photography experience
2014-02-19 Troy Sankeyfixed rawtherapee description
2014-02-19 Troy Sankeyadded CASS
2014-02-17 Troy Sankeyfixed lug description
2014-02-17 Troy Sankeyupdated
2014-02-17 Troy Sankeyupdate GPA
2014-02-17 Troy Sankeymodified descriptions, bumped year
2014-01-20 Troy Sankeyworked with server hardware
2014-01-20 Troy Sankeyupdated languages
2014-01-20 Troy Sankey[makefile] make clean a .PHONY target
2013-11-13 Troy Sankeyremoved "I" from LUG description
2013-11-12 Troy Sankeymove science photographer to bottom of experiences
2013-11-12 Troy Sankeytennis *and* golf
2013-11-12 Troy Sankeyadded secondary email
2013-11-12 Troy Sankeyadded rawtherpaee
2013-11-12 Troy Sankeylanguages (plural)
2013-11-12 Troy Sankeyfirefox > chrome
2013-11-12 Troy Sankeyadd perl, postgres
2013-11-11 Troy SankeyAdded languages to research
2013-11-06 Troy Sankeycorrect apache/http
2013-11-04 Troy Sankeydecreased column separation to 0.6cm
2013-11-04 Troy Sankeyadded Apache as a "managed service"
2013-11-03 Troy Sankeytitle sections now use small captialization and rules
2013-11-03 Troy Sankeyincreasing column separation to 1cm
2013-11-03 Troy Sankeycomplete reformat
2013-11-02 Troy Sankeyminor typos
2013-11-01 Troy Sankeyadded more skills, fixed list formatting
2013-11-01 Troy Sankeyadded many skills
2013-11-01 Troy Sankeyremoved unnecessary experiences
2013-11-01 Troy Sankeyfixed line endings to UNIX
2013-10-31 Troy Sankeyadded gitignore
2013-10-31 Troy Sankeyfirst commit, needs more fixing