2013-12-04 Troy Sankeyfix some comments master
2013-12-04 Troy Sankeyrefactor maze_fsm() and add description
2013-12-04 Troy Sankeyfixed buf_size typo
2013-12-04 Troy Sankeyadd uart instance variable to irobot library
2013-12-04 Troy Sankeyuse xuartlite.h for recieving bytes over uart
2013-12-04 Troy Sankeyreorganized functions for clarity and consistency
2013-12-04 Troy Sankeycommented maze.h
2013-12-03 Troy Sankeyfix several compiler errors
2013-12-03 Troy Sankeyglobal vars should not be declared extern
2013-12-03 Troy Sankeycorrectly read buffer from serial port
2013-12-03 Troy Sankeyfsm almost complete, needs debugging
2013-12-03 Troy Sankeyadded fsm
2013-11-28 Troy Sankeymany changes from first debugging session
2013-11-28 Troy Sankeyfix macro invocations and definitions
2013-11-28 Troy Sankeyvariable "stopped" doesn't exist
2013-11-26 Troy Sankeyremoved potentially unnecessary casts
2013-11-26 Troy Sankeyrefactor ir_adjust() to ir_adjust_dir()
2013-11-26 Troy Sankeyadd boundary checkers and DEBUG define
2013-11-26 Troy Sankeybasically rewrote everything...
2013-11-26 Troy Sankeyfill ir_stop(), global vars changed to u16
2013-11-26 Troy Sankeyadded initialization function
2013-11-26 Troy Sankeyadded error printing code
2013-11-26 Troy Sankeyadded irobot control code
2013-11-26 Troy Sankeyadded README