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- This is where I host most of my work that is git-worthy.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
bots/fortunebot.git Unnamed repository; edit this... Troy Sankey 2 months ago
bots/pollbot.git Easily conduct polls on IRC Troy Sankey 4 months ago
csm152a-labs.git lab reports for CS M152A Troy Sankey 12 days ago
debian-guest.git guest account for debian Troy Sankey 7 weeks ago
eng183-latex-templates.git ENG 183EW LaTeX template,... Troy Sankey 12 months ago
keysigning-party.git perl CGI script for organizing... Troy Sankey 2 months ago
mazebot.git maze solver robot Troy Sankey 4 months ago
presentations/digital-privacy.git presentation given at keysigni... Troy Sankey 2 months ago
raven-spring13.git Raven II development report... Troy Sankey 10 months ago
resume.git my resume Troy Sankey 5 days ago
ucla-lug-website.git The website of LUG@UCLA Troy Sankey 4 months ago