PHFC: Phaethon's Hack For CUSP

PHFC is a Free (GPL'd) emulator of the fictitous CUSP[1] machine, which is used as an aid in introductory assembly and machine language/code courses.

Background. Why I am writing PHFC.

Goals. What I intend to accomplish with PHFC.

Progress, Downloads. How I'm doing so far.

Preliminary GTK+ GUI. Not for the faint of heart. Sticklers of good GUI design should stay away from this area, lest their local hospital gets a new coronary patient.

PHFC tarballs.
Archive of tarballs.
Latest tarball.

[1] CUSP: Carleton's Utterly Simple Processor. Here, Carleton refers to the University of Carleton, where CUSP was developed.
Contact info:
Frederick Lee <>