I took CS 130, software engineering, in Winter 06. (Highly recommended class) For the class project, I worked on Wine. Specifically, I added a couple of missing features to Wine's richedit 2.0 module.


Here are the things I added:

riched20: Better input validation for EM_FINDTEXT
riched20: Implement FR_MATCHCASE for EM_FINDTEXT
riched20: Implement FR_WHOLEWORD for EM_FINDTEXT

More Wine patches, post-CS130:

See Wine's Git Page

CS 130 Project Webpages

I'm helping out with the Winter 2008 CS130 class. This time around, we're focusing on Gdi+ (gdiplus). Here's a webpage with information for the class. Dan Kegel's software engineering with wine page has lots of good info as well.

I helped out with the Winter 2007 CS130 class. The focus for this class was on Common Controls (comctl32). Here's some info on that.


Shell script for installing Wine development packages on WBEL 3. (and RHEL 3)

Shell script for building a Wine RPM package on WBEL 3. (and RHEL 3)


I went to WineConf 2007 in Zurich. Here's a page with some pictures. While I was in Zurich, I used the city's excellent tram system to get around. Unfortunately, it was a bit hard to navigate the Zurich transportation website, so I wrote some notes.

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