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These are pictures of my apartment in Oregon. It's a nice place...

The Circuits

The Circuits: It's always nice to know where the breakers are -- especially for the large-draw sockets. Warnings regarding high voltage and imminent death duly noted.



The Loft

The Loft: The loft is above the kitchen and adjoining "dining room". I'm not sure why they even bothered to put the thick railing/beam in.

Up the Stairs

Up the Stairs: This is a slightly different view showing the relatively steep stairs leading to the loft from the doorway to the porch/deck.

The Living Room

The Living Room: A view of the living room from the kitchen. Note the fireplace and bright day visible through the window blinds. Usually the apartment does not require lighting until dusk -- the big windows and skylight provide ample light.

The Hallway

The Hallway: Looking across the kitchen counter (called a "breakfast bar" on the brochure) into the hallway that joins the main room, bathroom, bedroom, a coat closet, and the washer/dryer alcove. The door into the bedroom is basically the only feature visible through the hall way in this shot.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen: The kitchen has lots of cabinetry and has an interesting (ie non-rectangular) floorplan. A little more space for movement in the kitchen would have been nicer.

The Freezer

The Freezer: Soon to be full of bachelor food.

The Fridge Proper

The Fridge Proper: Soon to remain sparsely populated with perishable foods that strike my fancy.

The Dishwasher

The Dishwasher: This handy appliance does some of the work I like least about eating at home -- doing the dishes. Suprisingly enough, quite a few of my roommates in the past never used their dishwashers.

The Stove

The Stove: AKA Range. Nothing much to see here. It has the neat self-cleaning feature but lacks a griddle (large plate cooking surface). An advanced analog clock is currently one of its more usefull features.

My Walk-in Closet

My Walk-in Closet: It's always nice to have plenty of space to hang non-existent clothes. I'm going to have to buy more hangers.

Room Enough for a Skeleton or Two

Room Enough for a Skeleton or Two: This is where I will stuff my skeletons. I don't have any at the moment, so I'll just use it for coats in the mean time.

Brand New Washer and Dryer

Brand New Washer and Dryer: These were installed the day before I moved in (the day I signed the papers). Complete with registration forms and installation instructions. The installation instructions were interesting because they promised me I would die if I failed to complete the instructions in the order given.
Prompt service seems to be common here -- I ordered my cable service and less than 24 hours later it was installed and configured.

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