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A night on the town in Raleigh (for me) usually consisted of going drinking with friends. Someone found this great martini bar near Chapel Hill and we proceeded to try a variety of flavored or unflavored gin or vodka martinis.
My favorite dessert wasn't technically a martini (I believe). It was called a grasshopper -- creme de menthe, whip cream, some chocolate syrup, and a few other flavors I really enjoy.


Blurry: Nish wasn't drinking I swear! Left to right: Mark, Kristen, and Rohit.


Reflection: This is a reflection of our group in the window of the Martini Bar. Left to right: Kristen, Mark, Lena, and Eric.

OK, So I Lied

OK, So I Lied: I guess Nish was drinking a little that night. I think he was just trying the vodka and coke flavor or something. Left to right: Nish, Me (drinking a grasshopper), Eric, and Lena.

Drinks All Around

Drinks All Around: Everybody's got a drink. My grasshopper is in the foreground. Left to right: Eric (edge), Lena, Mark, Kristen, and Rohit. Apparently Rohit was either taking his pulse, keeping track of how long it took him to get drunk, or bored already.

Lena Sipped Her Shot

Lena Sipped Her Shot: Eric, Lena, Mark and Kristen taking shots with their Martinis. This night ended at 5am with a few of us in the pool at the apartment complex. I don't think we woke the neighbors...

Taking Shots

Taking Shots: Eric, Lena, Mark and Kristen taking shots with their Martinis.

The Night Begins

The Night Begins: Left to right: Eric nursing his orange and coke martini, Lena just getting started on hers, Mark has already finished his sour apple, and Kristen emptied something.

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