Mozilla config

In order to get more real estate, I killed the sidebar and personal toolbar. Furthermore, I changed the toolbars to "Text only".

Annoying questions about tar
Whenever I click on a tarball, mozilla asks me if I want to open it with tar. Very annoying default behavior. Fix this with:
Edit -> Preferences -> Navigator -> Helper Applications -> New Type
Description of Type Your description
File extension tar
MIME type application/x-tar
Fill in the dialog with this table.
Select "Edit" -> click "Save to Disk" -> uncheck "Ask me" box if you want
Plugins - flash and realplayer
Generally speaking, I dislike plugins in websites, yet there are some plugins for Mozilla that are necessary to view certain sites. After all, there are some flash cartoons with boxing gloves that are worth watching. I did an emerge netscape-flash realone to install realplayer and flash. After some brief installation questions and some minor mozilla configuration, flash and real streams work automatically in mozilla. This should be relatively painless.