Anyhow go get gentoo here and burn the iso to a cd. Read the official gentoo install guide carefully because it's well written. If you do not have two computers to use while installing, you will likely need to reference the guide. Apparently, they don't have the guide on the CD itself so I found it useful to have the guide on another VC. Run passwd to change your password. Then change VCs by Alt-Left or Alt-Right and point lynx to the gentoo installation guide on one VC while you do the install on another. I followed the installation guide almost verbatim, yet I should point out to newbies that although compiling your custom kernel isn't difficult per se, it is extremely intimidating because of the enormous amount of options. If you have already compiled your own kernel from a previous installation, you can save some time with make oldconfig.

# cp directory_with_old_config/.config /usr/src/linux
# cd /usr/src/linux
# make oldconfig
  Make a .config from an old config. It will interactively ask you about new differences
# make menuconfig
  To insure that you chose the options correctly.