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Tabling events give LUG@UCLA opportunities to advertise to incoming freshman who might be interested in the club. At these events we answer questions about the club, display a poster with some key points and pictures, and hand out Linux swag and LiveCDs.

E-Week Showcase[edit]

E-Week Showcase
  • Where: Court of Sciences
  • When: 2014-04-09 (Wed) 10:00-14:00 (event actually starts at 11:00)

Student Group Fair[edit]

  • Where: Court of Sciences
  • When: 2014-04-13 (Sun) 13:00-16:00 (event actually starts at 14:00)
  • part of the HSSEAS Freshmen Open House
  • seems to be open to all engineering freshmen
  • table and 2 chairs will be provided

Enormous Activities Fair[edit]

  • TBA
  • open to all incoming freshman, so the audience may include non-engineers.

Engineering Welcome Day[edit]

  • TBA
  • a small event for engineering majors

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