Event automation

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human actions[edit]

  1. authentication step (ssh?)
  2. create new event from command line interface
    • title
    • date/time
    • location
    • short description (1 sentence)
    • long HTML description
  3. authorization step (ldap?)
    • if officer, allow to directly register newly created event
    • if not officer, somehow submit event to officers for approval (e.g. prepare email to officer for copy+paste).


  • the event gets inserted into the events database
  • a new event page is created (using Django/python to render)
  • event added to the calendar
    • calendar displays the event time and title, and links to the event page
  • event added to the events list on front page
    • event only visible if it is within the next five events AND within the next two months (adjustable)
  • the event should be broadcasted via a RESTful interface
  • fortunebot (IRC bot for #lug) should poll the RESTful interface for new events, and announce them as they appear.