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andy Thu Feb 13 08:49:01 2014
Sam Lurie ? Fri Jan 24 19:56:46 2014
Jacqueline L. Thu Feb 13 02:40:24 2014
Matt McKeen ? Tue Feb 4 20:02:48 2014
Troy Sankey ? Thu Jan 23 13:34:28 2014
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Sam said on 24.01., 19:53

I just wanted to point out that there is a Big Blue Bus line (i.e. #3) that runs between UCLA (specifically, Charles E. Young terminal) and the LAX Hilton (specifically, Century/Aviation intersection). On weekends, it comes roughly twice per hour. The fare apropos for UCLA students is 50 cents. Details can be found at

Matt said on 04.02., 20:03

Don't know if it makes sense just to rent a car out for the day and split it. We can see what that comes down to closer to the event.

andy said on 13.02., 09:21

I have a small truck so I can potentially drive one person, or two if someone doesn't mind sitting in the middle. I have to leave early Saturday (2 or 3-ish) but I'll be there the whole time on Sunday.


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