Linux Users Group at UCLA, Dept. of Computer Science
3820 Boelter Hall
University of California
Los Angeles, CA 90095


Vincent Wong

President • email1A685A38website

I am a student. I like computers, science, and computer science.

Jacqueline Lo

Vice President • email

No description :-(

David Yang

Officer • email

No description :-(

Matthew McKeen

Vice President • emailwebsite

I am an undergraduate Computer Science student and a lover of all things operations, infrastructure, and software related. I am a long time Linux advocate and user. Visit my website for more details.

Nathan Aclander

Vice President • email

I am a fourth year undergraduate student studying computer science and engineering at UCLA. I like Linux, embedded systems, and computer architecture. Game design and comics are cool too.

Andy Spencer

Vice President • email

No description :-(

Troy Sankey

Vice President • emailEC60D76Ewebsite

I'm an undergraduate studying Computer Science and Engineering. I'm fully dedicated to promoting GNU/Linux and the social movements that followed (e.g. free culture, free software, open source). My other interests include cooking, craft beer, fitness, electrohouse, and ecological sustainablilty.