Linux Users Group at UCLA, Dept. of Computer Science
3820 Boelter Hall
University of California
Los Angeles, CA 90095


Troy Sankey

President • emailpgpwebsite

I'm an undergraduate studying Computer Science and Engineering. I'm fully dedicated to promoting GNU/Linux and the social movements that followed (e.g. free culture, free software, open source). My other interests include cooking, craft beer, fitness, electrohouse, and ecological sustainablilty.

Jacqueline Lo

Treasurer • email

No description :-(

Nathan Aclander

Internal Vice President • emailwebsite

I am a fourth year undergraduate student studying computer science and engineering at UCLA. I like Linux, embedded systems, and computer architecture. Game design and comics are cool too.

Matthew McKeen

Admin • emailwebsite

I am an undergraduate Computer Science student and a lover of all things operations, infrastructure, and software related. I am a long time Linux advocate and user. Visit my website for more details.

Alexander Bermudez

External Vice President • email

No description :-(

Aamoy Gupta

Admin • email

Aamoy is currently a junior studying electrical engineering at UCLA. He is a System Administrator for the LUG, and carries out a lot of LUG's research projects, and contract work with the school. Aamoy is also the President of UCLA Robotics, and (like Troy) works extensively with ROS in the area of autonomous and unmanned ground, aerial, and marine vehicles. Aamoy is can also speak French, and is interested in French culture, as well as cinema from around the world.