2005 January 9
On saturday we skied through the brush the first day Jen and I have made use of our season passes. After 2 hours we went home - such is the value of a season pass - no pressure skiing. Pictures of Mina are now posted as well. The pictures are from thanksgiving, but are now uploaded - she is considerably bigger now. Mina is probably at 8-9 lbs. Also, my "have to see" list is now empty as we finally saw House of Flying Daggers at the Cinerama. All I have to say is that it's sometimes funny when it doesn't mean to be. Good color though.

Amber on 2005 January 11:
kitty is cute! your cat is as big as mine (and probably as old?). Niko is about 8mos old and 9lbs:


snotty on 2005 January 12:
You kitty is cute too! Mina is 6-7 months now and 8-9 lbs... she was born some time in June and we got her September and the pictures are mostly from November during thanksgiving.

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