2014-05-14 Troy Sankeyfix formatting and some typos master
2014-05-14 Troy Sankeyadded ID for troy
2014-05-13 Nathan AclanderAdded Octave source to project
2014-05-13 Nathan AclanderAdded more TODO, completed more of task 2
2014-05-13 Nathan AclanderStarted using \section instead of \item, fixed title
2014-05-13 Troy Sankeyload control package
2014-05-13 Nathan AclanderFinished task 2, but maybe numbers are wrong?
2014-05-13 Nathan AclanderStarted working on Task 2 second part, added step respo...
2014-05-13 Nathan AclanderFinished task 1 and half of 2. Added TODO for header
2014-05-12 Troy Sankeymakefile works now
2014-05-12 Troy Sankeyupdate header
2014-05-12 Troy Sankeyadded project template and makefile