descriptionEasily conduct polls on IRC
ownerTroy Sankey
last changeSun, 15 Dec 2013 21:04:05 +0000 (13:04 -0800)
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeyuse rows.length instead of rowCount, due to node versio... master
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeyfix crash on stat-ing a nonexistent poll
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeyadd winston logger
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeyfinal debugging of debian initscript
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeyadd do_usage() on 'invalid command'
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeydouble check that results exist, even if !err
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeypollbot-daemon.js should be executable
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeyvoting on an empty database doesn't crash now
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeyfix bug in daemon (don't use __dirname)
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeydaemonize pollbot using separate daemon file
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeydaemon mode refined, attempts database reconnect
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeyconvert pollbot.js to a true daemon
2013-12-15 Troy Sankeylocal configuration irrelevant to caller location
2013-12-14 Troy Sankeyadd support for init scripts
2013-12-14 Troy Sankeyfix list --all bug
2013-12-14 Troy Sankeyadded support for conf file in /etc/pollbot.conf
3 years ago master