It has occurred to me that my thrown together web page should have a bio on me. Because I don't have anything interesting to say and pictures speak a thousand words, click on the link for some pictures. The short story goes like this: my name is terry chow, and I recently graduated from UCLA. A while ago I took at UCLA Stats110B with an excellent professor, Mahtash Esfandiari. My stats lab might demonstrate why LaTeX is cool. Keep in mind that I translated the original LaTeX file to html with html2latex.

I am currently unemployed and looking for a job. If you are an employer, take a look at my resume. It sucks, but if you give me a job, it'll look better. If you are impressed with my web developing skills, you may also give me bushels of money to design your web site. I also accept bushels of money where no reasonable justification is necessary.

I have spent a good deal of time configuring linux, so I thought it would be beneficial to write some guides detailing what I did. Select some links on the left menu to browse through them. Although incomplete, it may be useful to somebody. Tune in next week, there's more to come.