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Date 2016-02-22
Time 18:00-19:30
Location BH 2763 (ACM+UPE Clubhouse)

Server From Scratch is a workshop which provides a hands-on experience with deploying web services starting from a barebones Linux server. Attendees will have a chance to interact with a server as a root user and configure all the software and system services needed for deploying a web stack.


  • each attendee gets to play around with a unique server with full root permissions
  • basic stack: Nginx, Flask, postgresql
  • go through the steps of setting up basic stack
    • build a simple database-driven webapp with a simple api
  • if time permits:
  • scaling: caching layer like Varnish
  • security: HTTPS (letsencrypt)
  • DNS


2014-05-03 @ BH 4760: Focused on bare metal servers and general IP services (basic web service, Tahoe-LAFS)