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The Linux Users Group at UCLA (LUG@UCLA) is dedicated to the promotion and development of free and open source software, plain and simple. We provide invaluable services and benefits to our members in line with these goals, including:

  • The LUG lounge (3820 Boelter Hall)
  • Public Linux workstations
  • The LUG servers and digital services (e.g. SSH, ownCloud, wiki, etc.)
  • The LUG Physical Library
  • General help with topics in Computer Science and Linux administration
    • We unofficially provide support for CS35L, CS111, and CS131
    • We run our own services, so there are always LUG members that are knowledgeable with Linux administration



We welcome prospective members to attend our weekly meetings, held on Tuesdays at 18:00 in the LUG lounge. At our meetings we plan activities we want to do throughout the year, including projects, tutorials, outings, etc. It is also an opportunity to meet fellow LUG members.


Installfest is a quarterly event designed to welcome and educate new users about Linux, and Free and Open Source software (FOSS). Our members will help you install Linux on your computer. In addition, there will be lots of discussion and food! Installfest is a great event to connect with the Linux and CS communities on campus.


The Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) is the largest gathering of Linux enthusiasts in Southern California. The event hosts a gallery, where companies showcase their technology, and other free and open source software. There are also a variety of talks and tutorials, including a key signing party, as well as plenty of "shwag." For those over 21, there is free, open source beer! SCALE is the LUGs most coveted outing.


When members are interested in a particular topic, LUG will self-organize a talk. Some of the talks and tutorials we have had in the past include creating electronic music on GNU/Linux, intro to LaTeX, systemd/cgroups/LXC, Robot Operating System, and PGP/GPG. Talks are a great way to learn, as well as meet others who are interested in the same topics.

Spontaneous Outings[edit]

Sometimes, members hanging around in the lounge will randomly decide to go out to eat, or to a movie, just to break the monotony of homework and studying.