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Welcome to the LUG@UCLA Wiki

Here you can find some useful information about GNU/Linux and LUG@UCLA.




Linux, GNU, et al.



Note Note: Please assign yourself to any task you are willing to pursue

General Tasks[edit]

Priority Deadline Task Assigned to Progress
1 2015-03-20 migrate LUG systems Vincent, Andy, Matt none
1 none do administrative tasks (see below) everyone none
4 none fix printer noone Small black printer works. Medium-sized white one (LaserJet 4050N) doesn't: paper jams when loading from Tray 2
3 2015-11-01 find/print new poster for door noone none

Administrative Tasks[edit]

  • fix Munich (it doesn't boot properly).
  • fix /etc/hostname on servers
  • install glusterfs repos on the debian servers for latest version
  • ssl auth for mcollective
  • write puppet configs (automatic terminal set-up, etc.)
  • write plugins/checks for Nagios (link)
  • configure upsmon software for UPS
  • upgrade ownCloud to version 6, add SSL in the process
  • bump mediawiki version
  • migrate from gitolite 2 to gitolite 3 in wheezy-backports
  • per-user disk quotas (info)
  • add LDAP support to wiki
  • make nfs work through kerberos
  • finish unfinished pages on this wiki

Project ideas[edit]

  • HTML/Javascript Web of Trust visualizer
  • DNSSEC for LUG
  • Configuring mail servers for LUG (Moving off Google Apps)
  • Set up software mirrors for LUG (see below)
  • Create an event registration system for LUG
    • create an event on the wiki using SMW:
    • subscribe the django website to the semantic wiki to render views for upcoming events and the calendar page
    • subscribe fortunebot to the semantic wiki to automatically post a message to the #lug channel
    • subscribe a daemon on the mail server to send out an automatic event notification to the uclalug-members list
  • Set up a LUG blog - django-blog-zinnia

Mirror wishlist[edit]

name size method notes
The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP) 1.5 GB rsync
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) 18 GB rsync
Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN) 20 GB rsync
GNU software mirror (primary) 46 GB rsync
GNU software mirror (alpha) 10 GB rsync
GNU software mirror (nongnu) 22 GB rsync
GNU Audio and Video mirror 120 GB rsync
The Goat Book 0 GB anonymous cvs
linux kernel 50 GB grokmirror
OpenStreetMap mirror 20 GB bittorrent
  • 20 GB per week
ELPA mirror (Emacs packages) unknown unknown