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>>> https://linux.ucla.edu/~user/ <<<

As a member of LUG@UCLA, you have been given an account on this server, and apache will serve your ~/public_html/ directory at https://linux.ucla.edu/~user/ (replace "user" with your LUG username). Use your web space for whatever you want, but keep in mind that whatever you put up represents the LUG too. Just try not to get us in trouble!

Here are some ideas for things to host:

  • your resume
  • your blog
  • your code (see a tutorial below)

Tutorial: Hosting public Git repositories[edit]

Here at LUG@UCLA we like to share code. You can share yours by setting up bare git repositories and installing Gitweb into your public web space so anybody in the world can easily browse your code.

First, set up a "repos" directory in your web root:

$ mkdir ~/public_html/repos

Later you can add bare repositories under this directory. For demonstration, we'll add a test repository:

$ mkdir ~/public_html/repos/my_first_repo.git
$ cd ~/public_html/repos/my_first_repo.git
$ git init --bare
$ mv hooks/post-update.sample hooks/post-update
$ echo "replace this with a very short description of this repository" > description

As the repository owner, you should clone/pull/push to this repository via SSH. Here is how you should clone it to your local machine:

$ git clone user@ssh.linux.ucla.edu:public_html/repos/my_first_repo.git

Or, if you already have some code on your local machine, you can add a new remote and push to it:

$ git remote add lug user@ssh.linux.ucla.edu:public_html/repos/my_first_repo.git
$ git push --all lug
$ git push --tags lug

Others can anonymously clone your repository via HTTP(S):

$ git clone https://linux.ucla.edu/~user/repos/my_first_repo.git

Now we will install Gitweb to make your repositories browseable, searchable, and beautiful, among other things:

$ cp -r /usr/share/gitweb ~/public_html/gitweb
$ cd ~/public_html/gitweb
$ cp /etc/gitweb.conf gitweb_config.perl

Edit gitweb_config.perl and:

  • modify this variable: $projectroot = "/home/user/public_html/repos/";
  • add this to the bottom: @git_base_url_list = ("https://linux.ucla.edu/~user/repos");

Now you have Gitweb installed! View it at https://linux.ucla.edu/~user/gitweb/.

Noteworthy files/profiles from former LUGers[edit]