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Upcoming talks

  • puppet tutorial by Matthew McKeen- TBA
  • path tracing introduction by Troy Sankey - TBA

Proposed talks

  • django tutorial
  • revision control introduction (based around git)
  • personal backup and encryption solutions
  • overview of darknet, meshnet, ad-hoc wifi, i2p, tor, cjdns, onion routing, and related topics.
  • intro to linux [1][2] [3]
  • PGP/SSH keys, and other cryptography topics, followed by a keysigning party. also cover sending plaintext passwords over the network and demonstrate using three laptops (sending, receiving, intercepting)
  • Cross-compiling (eg, PC to Raspberry Pi == Lintel to armv6)
  • window manager overview (e.g. tiling vs. stacking, compositing vs. non-compositing, 2d vs. 3d, X11 vs. wayland, etc)
  • packaging for RPM or DEB

Note Note: Feel free to add talks you would like to hear, or are willing to give.

Past talks