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Scheduled talks[edit]

  • 2016-05-24: Password security by David Nguyen

Proposed talks[edit]

Feel free to add talks you would like to hear, or are willing to give.


  • Network Security for Admins, by Jacqueline Lo
  • PGP
  • Return-oriented programming


  • Email (MUAs, MTAs, etc.)
  • http2
  • NTP
  • IPv6
  • Git internals


  • Shamir's secret sharing
  • Diffie-Hellman

Software engineering / coding[edit]

  • Asynchronous programming
    • callback, promises, await
  • Contributing to Open Source
    • review of why open source matters
    • examples of successful open source projects and analysis of how they expanded
    • using open source helps open source
    • best practices
  • Git best practices
  • django tutorial
  • Probabilistic programming
  • Intro to Go
  • Intro to Rust


  • window manager overview
    • e.g. tiling vs. stacking, compositing vs. non-compositing, 2d vs. 3d, X11 vs. wayland, etc
  • Unix filesystem hierarchy
  • Distros
  • DevOps
    • Continuous integration
    • Configuration management
  • Containers
    • Docker vs LXC
  • Intro to kernel hacking


  • Network stack
    • arp -> ip -> tcp -> ssl -> app
    • demo it for great fun
  • RAID
  • btrfs
  • virtual memory (paging, swapping)
  • cpu cache (L1-L3, TLB)
  • GPU


  • Cross-compiling (eg, PC to Raspberry Pi == Lintel to armv6)

Past talks[edit]

Submitting a talk[edit]

If you gave a talk, please email the presentation slides (ODP, PDF, or impress.js) to Your slides will be uploaded to the LUG file server and linked from here.