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Mirror wishlist:

name size method notes
linux kernel 50 GB grokmirror
The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP) 1.5 GB rsync
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) 18 GB rsync
Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN) 20 GB rsync
GNU software mirror (primary) 46 GB rsync
GNU software mirror (alpha) 10 GB rsync
GNU software mirror (nongnu) 22 GB rsync
GNU Audio and Video mirror 120 GB rsync
The Goat Book 0 GB anonymous cvs
OpenStreetMap mirror 20 GB bittorrent
  • 20 GB per week
ELPA mirror (Emacs packages) unknown unknown


Maintenance day

RSVP at the dudle poll


order: most -> least important:

  • install new rack-mount UPS
  • install new rack-mount KVM switch
  • completely redo sound barrier
  • untangle the power/ethernet cables
  • shift servers up/down rack if needed
  • test the lower HP Proliant
  • upgrade software
  • write plugins/checks for Nagios (link)
  • initial configuration of mail/mirror servers (Moving off Google Apps)
  • convert hardware raid 5 to md raid 6 ?
  • install OwnCloud SSL certificates
  • upgrade to ownCloud 6


order: most -> least important:

  • room cleanup
  • gut desktops and sort cabinet
  • fix video card in the Sun machine, or install a new one
  • fill in as much of the internal wiki as possible
  • fix lounge phone (doesn't ring for some reason)
  • draw "LUG" on the wall using old CDs
  • set up a "take one" box in front of the door