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Note Note: server from scratch is still in the planning stage. please help by editing this page.

Next Server From Scratch: none planned

Server From Scratch is a tutorial designed to provide a very hands-on experience with deploying a web service starting from bare metal. Attendees will have a chance to interact with server hardware, and configure all the software and services needed to deploy a web application.


  • highlight differences between server hardware and desktop hardware
  • demonstrate different hardware configurations
  • install Debian Wheezy
  • overview of the filesystem hierarchy
  • iptables
  • learn simple nginx configuration
  • simple cgi script as "home page"
  • install some other application, like mediawiki
  • install MariaDB from external repository
  • connect it to database


  • Set up 5 dell workstations (with 5 sets of monitors and keyboards)
  • install two IDE drives in each workstation (10 drives total)