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|[http://www.vim.org/ Vim] || <code>vim</code> || the ''most'' powerful text editor
|[http://www.vim.org/ Vim] || <code>vim</code> || the ''most'' powerful text editor
|[http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/ Emacs] || <code>emacs</code> || the ''most'' powerful text editor
|[http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/ GNU Emacs] || <code>emacs</code> || the ''most'' powerful text editor
|[http://git-scm.com/ Git] || <code>git</code> ||
|[http://git-scm.com/ Git] || <code>git</code> ||

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Members can access their LUG account remotely via SSH.


Note Note: in the following examples, remember to replace "user" with your actual LUG username.

From the terminal

To initiate a normal SSH session:

 $ ssh user@linux.ucla.edu

or if you want X forwarding:

 $ ssh -X user@linux.ucla.edu

To transfer files, use scp:

 $ scp user@linux.ucla.edu:homework1.txt ~/Documents
 $ ls ~/Documents
 ... homework1.txt ...

From the GUI

KDE (Linux) GNOME (Linux) Windows Macintosh
  1. open Dolphin
  2. Add Entry to Places panel
  3. in "Location" enter: fish://user@linux.ucla.edu
  1. open File Manager
  2. click "Connect to Server"
  3. enter: sftp://user@linux.ucla.edu
  4. optionally bookmark the server
install WinSCP ???

Available software

Operating System

Debian stable

Installed Packages

Name Executable Notes
GCC gcc
Python python
OpenJDK java version 6
OCaml ocaml
GNU Prolog gprolog
Racket racket for programming in Scheme
CLISP clisp for programming in Common Lisp
GNU Octave octave a full-featured alternative to MatLab
LaTeX latex, pdflatex document creation done right
Vim vim the most powerful text editor
GNU Emacs emacs the most powerful text editor
Git git
Mercurial hg