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  1. Lounge rules
    1. Clean up after yourself.
    2. Close the door when you are the last person to leave (even for a trip to the bathroom).
    3. Reminder: your card may be revoked if you do not show up for longer than 1 month.
    4. If you donated computers, printers, monitors, etc., notify everybody by e-mailing
    5. Do not take anything from the lounge without approval from an officer.
  2. Account rules
    1. Do not break any US or California laws with the use of your account.
    2. Do not use your account to support any business or other commercial activity.
    3. Reminder: LUG@UCLA servers are a shared resource. We do not implement strict resource quotas, but your account may be revoked if you abuse it.
      • Disk soft-quota:
      • CPU soft-quota:
      • Bandwidth soft-quota:
      • Paper soft-quota:
  3. Contact
    • If you have any questions or comments about these rules, please send an e-mail to the LUG@UCLA Officers list:
    • Please direct all technical requests (e.g. you would like some software installed) to the LUG@UCLA Admin list:

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