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rules.txt, circa 2001
1) Cleanup after yourself
2) Clean up after yourself or else you get to clean up the whole lounge
	the next time you come in.
3) Lost property (stuff that was forgotten) shall be returned to its owner
	unless the owner does not come to claim it before the storage of
	the item becomes a burden to those taking responsibility for lounge
4) Do not store personal items in the lounge for an indefinite period of
	time (maximum definite period of 1 month)
5) Close the door when you are the last person to leave (even for a trip
	to the bathroom)
6) No personal machines are allowed in the lounge longer than 12 hours.
	Definition: A personal machine is one which those in charge of the
	lounge do not have complete control over.
7) Lounge administrators must have root (or the platform equivalent)
	access to  all machines (for network security purposes)
8) Case covers may only be off of a machine when it is currently being
	worked on. If there is a delay in working on the machine, the
	cover  should be loosely screwed on IF that delay may last for
	more than 10 minutes.
	Definition of "worked on": Hardware configuration
	NOTE: This means that case covers should be on RUNNING machines,
		AND non-running machines.
9) If you do not show up to the lounge for long periods of time (> 1 mo):
	A. We may choose to not renew your access (bi-annual renewals are
		performed by the dept)
	B. If your card key does not work, make sure you are on the list.
	C. I you are not on the list then:
		i. arrange to meet someone in the lounge if you need to
			retrieve something
		ii. talk with the officers if you think you should be on
			the list
	The idea here is: make yourself a visible participant to the

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