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2013-2014 Candidates
President VP/Internal VP/External Treasurer Admin(s) H.o.A.R.
  • Saurabh Davala
  • Aamoy Gupta
  • Troy Sankey
  • Nathan Aclander
  • Troy Sankey
  • Alexander Bermudez
  • Nathan Aclander
  • Matthew McKeen [2nd Term]
  • Aamoy Gupta [2nd term]
  • Alexander Bermudez

Voting procedure:

  1. listen to quick speech from each candidate
  2. vote for president
  3. vote for vp/internal
  4. vote for vp/external
  5. vote for treasurer
  6. vote for each admin candidate separately
    • minimum number of votes required to be an admin: ⌈ 2/3 * voters ⌉
  7. vote to determine whether we should have a "Head of Alumni Relations"
    • if the vote passes, proceed to vote for H.o.A.R.
    • otherwise, skip voting for H.o.A.R. and distribute its duties among all officers

Position Details

Position Duties Qualifications
  • Reply to or otherwise handle all (beauracratic) mails from school
  • Ensure all officers and members are working toward common goals
  • Can/should work on duties mentioned in both the Internal and External VP positions
  • Can work under stress
  • Not afraid to ask others to do things/lead
  • Plan and manage internal events (socials and the like), especially:
    • Organizing the event
    • Emailing members and otherwise advertising said events
    • Marketing (Find ways to promote LUG and its mission statement)
    • Room reservation, food ordering, and anything else applicable
  • Ensure access controls always work
  • Ensure that the LUG Library and/or test bank is always in working order
  • Has experience planning events
  • Friendly, personable
  • Quick to respond to emails, requests
  • Plan and manage external events (tech talks and the like), especially:
    • Organizing the event
    • Emailing members and otherwise advertising said events
    • Marketing (see above)
    • Room reservation, food ordering, and anything else applicable
  • Recruit members
  • Assist the treasurer in proposal writing to companies for monetary and material sponsorship
  • If ∃ sponsors, be friendly and kind to them at all times
  • Has experience planning events
  • Friendly, good at networking
  • Experience publicizing events or organizations
  • If ∃ sponsors ∧ desire, write sponsorship proposal for companies/organizations to sponsor us
  • Disburse funds as necessary for all LUG events and purchases
  • Ensure that all income and purchases are clearly recorded on some medium, preferably the wiki
  • Is generally a very responsible person
  • Previous treasury experience preferred but not required.
  • System/network administration
  • Document what users may and may not do on the servers/workstations
  • If ∃ n > 1 admin:
    • ⌈ 2/3 * n ⌉ admins must agree upon architectural changes to servers and workstations
  • Does not give up on tasks easily
  • Is organized in general
Head of Alumni Relations (??)
  • Alumni Relations (??)
  • Preferably knows a lot of alumni
  • Friendly, personable
All Officers
  • Serve all members, current and potential, first and foremost.
  • Always put on a smiling face for new members, alumni, etc.
  • Ensure that the room stays clean, especially before and after all LUG sponsored events
  • Help out at events (e.g. food, entertainment, install Linux)
  • Dedicated to serving the LUG community