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LUG@UCLA plans to move all mail services (including lists) off Google apps. This is a long term project, but the ETA is before Spring quarter 2014.


  • MTA: Postfix
  • MDA/LDA: Dovecot LDA
  • MSS: Dovecot
  • MUA: Roundcube
  • lists: Mailman
  • storage format: Maildir
  • storage redundancy: Tahoe-LAFS
  • storage backup: duplicity to NFS share, duplicity to VTLUUG, etc.

Online storage

Use the traditional Maildir format for storing mail. Make the MDA/LDA store it under the Tahoe-LAFS $BASEDIR directory so it can be accessed from multiple different MSSs and MUAs.

Offline storage

Occasionally copy the Maildir directory out of the Tahoe-LAFS share since we don't actually trust Tahoe-LAFS. We respect people's privacy, so don't just rsync it out to a 3rd party. Easiest solution would be to use Duplicity to automatically perform encrypted, incremental backups to the 3rd party.

For users with LUG emails

For subscribers to the mailing lists