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Note Note: today is 2016-05-30

Meetings are typically held on Tuesdays at 18:00 in the Lounge.

2014-02-25 at 16:00 (next)

  • go over things to do during server maintenance day
  • cover moving off google apps plan
  • figure out some details for SFS. assign people to these tasks:
    • day 1: create presentation on server hardware and plan demonstration
    • day 2: create presentation on general linux administration and practice configuring services in a VM to minimize hiccups during the real tutorial
    • day 3: design an nginx config and simple CGI script that makes use of the various services configured on day 2
  • discuss ways to collaborate with other student groups
  • design a new LUG T-Shirt
    • you don't need to know how to design, just find somebody that does!
  • volunteer presentation, TBH
  • start upgrading some machines to debian jessie + btrfs + systemd
    • convert ext4 to btrfs, configure systemd
    • maybe just reinstall the whole OS


  • agree on date for server maintenance day to do the following:
    • consolidate owncloud into the primary zone (maybe)
    • figure out why git isn't resolving
    • figure out why barcelona isn't booting correctly
    • figure out why losangeles isn't shutting off correctly
    • untangle the holy mess of cables


  • Troy gave a brief introduction to debian mirrors


  • installfest prep:
    • Matt volunteered to pick up the pizza
    • Sergio volunteered to pick up some groceries
    • Saurabh volunteered to help prepare BH 4760


  • start delegating tasks to people
    • get UPS - Nathan
    • get Buildfest equipment - nobody
    • design welcome sign - nobody
  • had discussion about OpenStreetMap


  • decided to keep our IRC channel on instead of moving it to freenode
  • we should design a welcome sign for the lounge
  • we should design a t-shirt design for winter quarter
  • planning has begun for the mail migration



  • is Big Brother Tux too invasive? apparently no.
  • review LUG master plan to move away from Google services:
    • Calendar: set up a WebDAV server, vcards editable from e.g. thunderbird
  • jacqueline assigned to the task of buying the UPS and putting up some of our junk on craigslist
  • weekly tutoring has been pushed back to next quarter. Instead, we might have a CS3{1,2,3} tutoring session before finals.
  • self-organized talks statuses and ETAs:
    • LaTeX by Danny might happen this quarter
    • Creating Packages for Linux by Andy might happen next quarter
    • Privacy on the Internet by Troy Sankey might happen next quarter


  • Dr. Scott Friedman, chief technologist for UCLA's Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE), will talk about some opportunities for getting involved in current projects and upcoming super computing competitions. announcement on the uclalug-members mailing list


  • what do we want to hear eggert talk about?
    • History and involvement with the GNU project
  • decide date/time for tutoring
    • proposed friday from 13:00 to 15:00 (early afternoon preferred)
  • structure our "server from scratch" series
    • part 1: server hardware
    • part 2: basic server configurations
    • part 3: deploying services and databases
  • gave away one of our p4 desktops to somebody that was interested in using it as a personal server
  • realization that we actually really need to implement SSL


  • we should have dedicated tutoring, date/time undecided
  • added "server from scratch" series to our list of talks
  • andy might give a talk on "Creating Packages for Linux" (might be debian-specific)
  • danny might give a talk on "LaTeX"


  • We decided not to give out emails with every new account. Only hand out to people who specifically request it.
  • We shall work on setting up the PXE boot server on this Friday at 18:00
  • We will add Linux Mint to our list of distros to install
  • just get pizza for upcoming installfest
  • organization signatories changed to Jacqueline, Troy, and Nathan


  • about 10 new members
  • new talks ideas:
    • network security
    • how to contribute to OSS
  • decided to make an online survey for talks
  • entertainment ideas for installfest:
    • Torvalds profanity read by text-to-speech
    • bad hacking scenes
    • RMS quotes and talks
    • "The Code"
    • "revolution OS"


  • first meeting of 2013 fall quarter
  • introduced LUG to six potential new members
  • discovered interest in the following upcoming events:
    • buildfest
    • core war


  • vote for officers for 2013-2014 academic year.


  • choose appropriate officer roles for next year.