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Welcome to the LUG@UCLA Wiki

Here you can find some useful information about GNU/Linux and LUG@UCLA.




Linux, GNU, et al.



Note Note: Please assign yourself to any task you are willing to pursue

General Tasks

Priority Deadline Task Assigned to Progress
1 2014-04-11 (779 days ago) Design a new Poster Board Aamoy, Matthew content finished
1 2014-04-11 (779 days ago) design/order a LUG banner for tabling events (git repo) Troy, Nathan design needs review
1 2014-04-11 (779 days ago) flash USB sticks with installfest isos Vincent none
1 2014-04-10 (780 days ago) Advertise installfest as per the Advertising matrix everybody none
2 none create new membership application with new rules (git repo) Troy 1/2
3 2014-05-16 (744 days ago) Design new LUG t-shirt (old design) Nathan none

Administrative Tasks

Priority Deadline Task Assigned to Progress
2 none add LDAP support to wiki and ZNC
2 none improve database backup script to also dump postgresql
2 none move email address in LDAP gecos field (if it exists) to mail field
2 none setup Puppet master, manifests, mcollective
2 none upgrade ownCloud to version 6, add SSL in the process
2 none write django view that renders the upcoming events and calendar.
3 none migrate from gitolite 2 to gitolite 3 in wheezy-backports
3 none figure out why barcelona hangs on bootup
3 none per-user disk quotas (info)