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| Aamoy, Troy
| Aamoy, Troy
| 1/2
| 1/2
| create slideshow presentations for future [[Talks|talks]]
| everybody
| [[Talks | 4 talks]]
| call ext 6-2911 for fire extinguisher
| call ext 6-2911 for fire extinguisher

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Welcome to the LUG@UCLA Wiki

Here you can find some useful information about GNU/Linux and LUG@UCLA.




Linux, GNU, et al.



Please assign yourself to any task you are willing to pursue.

General Tasks:

Task Deadline Assigned to Progress
deliver LUG t-shirts to abroad recipients Aamoy, Troy 1/2
call ext 6-2911 for fire extinguisher none
create new membership application with new rules

Administrative Tasks:

Task Deadline Assigned to Progress
Create LUG Account Deletion Script eventually Aamoy Remember to cleanup LDAP and Kerberos correctly. Also make sure to tarball and archive user dir in case they want it again.
improve database backup script to also dump postgresql because mediagoblin and keysigning-party uses postgresql
replace zenpoto with mediagoblin for LUG's gallery Troy
replace gitweb+gitolite with gitorious Troy Cancelled. No need to provide repositories because they can just use their web space and run the gitweb CGI script.
fix mail field in all ldap entries to reflect correct address currently found in gecos field.


we need to buy these things soon:

  • motherboard LGA 775 for core 2 extreme - (1) (2)
  • compressed air
  • oil for fan bearings