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Inside the lounge
Outside the lounge

The LUG@UCLA Lounge is located at Boelter Hall, room 3820 and is generally open during daytime on weekdays when classes are in session.

The lounge offers:

  • Study and discussion space
  • Up-to-date GNU/Linux workstations
  • Printers and scanners
  • A refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine
  • An opportunity to meet the people of LUG@UCLA

The lounge is adjacent to MAGIX (UCLA Computer Graphics Lab) and UCLA Vision Lab. It is only steps away from the CENS Lab.

Artist's rendition of the location:
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LUG@UCLA lounge does not have set hours, but due to its popularity it stays open throughout the day and into the evening when classes are in session. If you're in doubt whether the lounge is open, simply take a look at the live webcam feed. The rule of thumb is that if someone it in the Lounge then it is open.