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The purpose of the LUG library is to provide members with access to texts, practice problems, relevant tutorials, and other educational materials to aid students with their studies. The library will also hold novels, comics, and other media for pleasure. All materials are either under public domain, released under a Creative Commons License, or released under the GNU/GPL. The library is not yet complete, and is still under implementation. A very low feature version will be available in the near future.

Current Authors

    • Aamoy Gupta [Backend]
  1. John Kim [Frontend]

LUG Library Alpha

Coming soon.

Currently Established Policies

  1. All submitted material (educational or entertainment) must be either:
    • Public domain
    • GNU GPL
    • An appropriate attribution of Creative Commons
  2. In the case of material that does not utilize any of the above licenses, permission must be granted by the copyright holder to posses and distribute the aforementioned material. This permission must be reflected in a signed, written document, and submitted to LUG in addition to the material.
  3. All educational material must conform to UCLA policy, in that explicit answers and homework solutions cannot be posted. Departmental permission must be obtained before posting a midterm or final.

Development Stratagem

The following serves as the path by which the library will be developed.

  1. Rudimentary FTP/HTTP file server, navigable in browser
  2. Addition of a PHP Front-end to previously defined system
  3. Addition of an automatic user submission and review system
  4. OwnCloud Integration
    • Automatic Materials syncing (based upon student inputted classes)
    • Library-like restrictions to comply with departmental policy (i.e. loaning times, etc.)
    • Submission of library framework to OwnCloud as an "app"

Development Stratagem Progress

Developmental Stage Progress Notes
Acquisition of Material 90% Complete Additional Upper Division Computer Science and Electrical Engineering documents may be required. This may be integrated into submission instead.
Organization of Acquired Material 15% Complete Collected Materials have been organized, but no naming conventions have been established.
Development of PHP Frontend 65% Complete Frontend is already available, and can be be easily adapted for our purposes.
Automatic User Submission 0% Complete Development has not started yet.
OwnCloud Integration 20% Complete Still reviewing the API

Points of Contention

  • The main issue with creating a library is the restriction of data to members, as well as the loaning times. In a traditional physical library, only those who have a library card may "check out" material. Also, materials have to be returned in a given time frame, at the risk of paying a fine. While creation of a library is certainly a noble act, with the aim of making knowledge accessible, access control methods employed by libraries go against Open Source principal. We will have to develop mechanisms that will automatically delete or corrupt a given file, if downloaded, or restrict downloads entirely (i.e. everything would be viewed in the browser).
  • In order to comply with CS departmental policy, materials are under copyright to the professors that created them. This includes project specs, solution codes, exams, etc. Under the current policy, we are allowed to provide access to these materials, as long as they do not contain explicit solutions to homework. Solved midterms and finals that have been released are acceptable, are as any materials that have been approved by the professor for submission.