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Git is a free and open source distributed version control system, and our preferred method of sharing source code. LUG@UCLA hosts members' Git repositories at // This page provides an overview of the steps necessary to get your project hosted.

Repository setup

If you don't already have an SSH key pair, you can follow these steps to generate one.

Give your public SSH key to a LUG admin so they can add your key to Gitolite. Also, provide the LUG admin with three bits of information:

  1. a repository name
  2. a short description of the repository (no more than ~7 words)
  3. your email address

Using the repository

First, verify your repository has been created by accessing // If your repository name is "my-project", then your push/pull address will be: . Your repository will also have a public pull-only address at //

Start working with your repository by cloning it, committing some changes, then pushing those changes:

$ git clone
$ cd my-project
$ echo "my super duper project!" >README.txt
$ git add README.txt
$ git commit -m "added a readme"
$ git push origin master

If you already have a pre-existing local repository that you just want to push to your new LUG repository, run the following commands:

$ cd path/to/existing/my-project
$ git remote add lug
$ git push --all lug
$ git push --tags lug

Remember, you can pull the repository from anywhere, but you can only push from your personal computer (or wherever you generated your keys).