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Next Core War Competition: none planned

This page holds some information for Core War events hosted by LUG@UCLA.

Reading Material[edit]

Preparation reading material to get new competitors up to speed:

  • Wikipedia article — some interesting background info, just skim the introduction.
  • FAQ — more relevant information, just read the first answer.
  • beginner's guide to Redcode — just read the section labelled "Starting with Redcode".
  • rock, paper, scissors, etc. — now that you have an idea how to write Redcode, here are some high level warrior techniques that may help you get started with designing your own warrior.

Competitor info[edit]

Your warrior source code will need some metadata in the header, like this:

;name My Warrior
;author John Doe

MOV 0, 1

Replace "My Warrior" with the name you want to give your warrior, and "John Doe" with your name. We will be using the Redcode-94 standard as outlined in the beginner's guide linked above. Name the file or similar.

Competition instructions[edit]

Once everybody has written their warrior code, the competition may begin.

The competition machine needs to have pMARS installed (the most official Core War simulator). Download it here, and install:

$ tar xf pmars-0.9.2.tar.gz
$ cd pmars-0.9.2/src
$ make

Now upload all the warriors to the battle machine and make them fight to the death:

$ ./pmars -b path/to/all/warriors/*

Or specify only two warriors for a 1v1 battle:

$ ./pmars -b path/to/warrior0 path/to/warrior1

Have a lot of fun!