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Computers fail, people make mistakes, environmental disasters happen. We recommend you take the steps necessary to back up your important data, as it is a small price to pay compared to total data loss.

General techniques

Local backups

full copy



Remote backups

Suggested workflow


tar + gzip (+ gpg)


duplicity, or it's user-friendly font-ends deja-dup and duply, combines rsync, gzip, gpg, and a hybrid style backup for the ultimate backup solution.

Relevant software

  • Gzip - compression utility
  • tar - file archiver
  • GnuPG - encryption utility
  • Rsync - remote directory synchronizer
  • luckyBackup - GUI for Rsync (uses Rsync)
  • rdiff - like diff, but designed better for binary files rather than source code
  • rdiff-backup - remote incremental directory synchronizer (uses Rsync and rdiff)
  • duplicity - remote versioned encrypted backup (uses tar, GnuPG, Rsync, and rdiff)
  • Déjà Dup - GUI for duplicity (uses duplicity)
  • rsnapshot - remote versioned backup (uses Rsync and UNIX hard links)
  • BackupPC -
  • Bacula -
  • Box Backup -