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Date 2014-05-10
Time 12:00-15:00
Location BH 4760

This will be a hands on tutorial focused on Android development. No prior Android experience is required, but some prior Java experience will be helpful. The tutorial will walk to creating a simple Android App from scratch that interfaces with a Web API, displays data, and stores user preferences.

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Tools installs[edit]

Please do before attending

  • Install Android platform
  • (optional) Install Device specific drivers
  • (optional) Enable development on the phone

Basic usage of the Android development system[edit]

30 minutes

  • Connecting to virtual and physical devices
  • Using the SDK manager, IDEs, and command line tools
  • Interacting with the Android Debugger (adb)

Creating simple Anroid applications[edit]

1.5 hours

  • Overview of the Android software architeture
  • Designing user interfaces
  • Connecting to network services
  • Saving user preference data

Publishing Android software[edit]

30 minutes

  • Creating a developer key
  • Signing Android packages
  • (optional) Using the Play Store and F-Droid


Android tools[edit]

The core Android development tools are provided as part of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) which contains the Java libraries and command line tools. Two IDEs are currently provided by Google, the Eclipse based Android Developer Tools (ADT) and the IntellJ based Android Studio. The Ecipse IDE will be briefly described for those who are interested, but will not be required.

Official Android SDK Downloads

Gentoo Linux (SDK only)

emerge android-sdk-update-manager

Debian/Ubuntu Linux


Coffee Pot API[edit]

special notes:


Free pizza, coffee, muffins.