2013-10-18 Troy Sankeyawk -> gawk master
2013-10-18 Troy Sankeybegin generalizing the code away from vpaste.net
2013-07-04 Andy SpencerReturn 403 Forbidden for spam
2013-07-04 Andy SpencerUpdate blacklist
2013-03-09 Andy SpencerAdd custom stylesheets for mobile browsers
2013-03-09 Andy SpencerAdd custom modeline to top of file as well
2013-03-09 Andy SpencerCleanup modelines
2013-03-09 Andy SpencerUpdate embed scripts
2013-03-09 Andy SpencerUpdate blacklist
2013-01-07 Andy SpencerUpdate websites
2013-01-07 Andy SpencerAdd view command, embedding, and caching
2013-01-07 Andy SpencerFix broken pipe message
2013-01-07 Andy SpencerAdd blacklist and more spam checking
2013-01-07 Andy SpencerUpdate main page formatting
2013-01-07 Andy SpencerAdd stat command
2013-01-07 Andy SpencerAdd subdomain redirects such as vim.vpaste.net
2013-01-07 Andy SpencerAdd gitignore
2012-05-09 Andy Spencerfix awk for head command
2012-05-07 Andy SpencerAdd compression, speed up head
2012-05-07 Andy Spencersort options and make valid xhtml
2012-05-07 Andy Spenceradd auto-show
2012-05-07 Andy Spencermisc updates
2012-05-07 Andy SpencerUpdate vpaste styles
2011-08-19 Andy SpencerSet dropdown using GET param
2011-08-17 Andy SpencerFix html, update vimrc
2011-08-17 Andy SpencerUpdate help output
2011-08-17 Andy SpencerFix bugs
2011-08-17 Andy SpencerUse syntax highlighting by default
2011-08-17 Andy SpencerUpdate copyright and colorscheme
2011-06-01 Andy Spencermove trim to end
2011-06-01 Andy Spencerupdate copyright and license
2010-10-18 Andy Spencercopy-paste fail
2010-10-18 Andy SpencerUpdate for Vim 73 and add better spam checking
2010-05-24 Andy Spencerfix some bugs
2010-05-24 Andy SpencerAdding ls and head
2010-03-25 Andy Spencerupdate 2html
2010-03-25 Andy Spenceradding spam folder
2010-03-25 Andy Spencerintegrate spam check
2010-03-25 Andy Spencerconvert to email format
2009-11-16 Andy Spencerupdate syntax directory
2009-10-27 Andy Spenceruse pty instead of screen
2009-10-27 Andy Spencerupdating robots, index
2009-10-10 Andy Spencergoogle
2009-10-10 Andy Spencermisc
2009-10-10 Andy Spencerno-text test
2009-10-10 Andy Spencerrainbow
2009-10-10 Andy Spencerimprove awk, fix url on andy
2009-10-10 Andy Spencersecurity
2009-10-10 Andy Spencerbugs
2009-10-10 Andy Spencerxhtml validation
2009-10-10 Andy Spencerlimits, title
2009-10-10 Andy Spencerupdates for vpaste.net
2009-10-08 Andy Spencer(no commit message)
2009-10-08 Andy Spencersecurity hole with pathinfo
2009-10-07 Andy Spencer(no commit message)
2009-10-07 Andy Spencerupload form
2009-10-07 Andy Spencer(no commit message)
2009-10-07 Andy Spencerupdating vpaste
2009-10-06 Andy Spenceradding vpaste and some docs