2017-10-25 rootAdded David to officers list master
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2017-04-26 rootAdd new leadership
2016-09-27 rootFixed formatting
2016-09-26 rootFixed combinator
2016-09-23 rootJaehyung Park picture
2016-09-23 rootAdded Colin and Vlad description
2016-09-22 rootAdded David's website
2016-09-22 rootAdded description
2016-09-22 rootAdded pictures. New pictures should be 500x500
2016-09-22 rootAdded Vlad
2016-08-09 rootAdded Colin
2016-08-09 rootDeleted Vincent and David, sorry
2016-05-13 Vincent WongAdd Jaehyung and Dahlia profiles
2016-02-04 Vincent WongAdd O'Reilly partner logo
2015-10-20 David NguyenAdded my picture
2015-06-01 David NguyenAdded Michael Wang's picture to the officer profile...
2015-05-18 David NguyenPut 4 spaces instead of tabs for the new officers.
2015-05-18 David NguyenAdded new officers and deleted old ones.
2015-02-12 Vincent WongChanged lounge cam snapshot location
2015-01-17 Vincent WongAdded David to officers
2014-10-15 Troy Sankeysort event list before rendering
2014-10-15 Troy Sankeyadd forward/backward images to repo
2014-10-14 Troy Sankeyadd pytz to pip requirements
2014-10-14 Troy Sankeysimplification of offmonth class (formerly offday)
2014-10-14 Troy Sankeyadded debian prerequisites to README
2014-10-03 Vincent WongFixed server error that occurs when calendar date goes...
2014-10-03 Vincent WongMerge branch 'master' of https://linux.ucla.edu/git...
2014-10-03 Vincent WongEventCalendar now displays neighboring months
2014-10-01 Troy Sankeyupdated contact page with new officers for 2014-2015
2014-09-30 Vincent WongAdded location to calendar event
2014-09-30 Vincent WongRemoved admin list from contact, added gitignore
2014-06-16 Vincent WongAdded butt-ugly forward and backward buttons in calendar
2014-06-16 Vincent WongRemoved print; REMEMBER KIDS, GIT DIFF
2014-06-16 Vincent WongAdded month-awareness to calendar
2014-06-13 Vincent WongUpcoming events list in frontpage filters out old events
2014-06-05 Vincent WongAdded Vincent picture
2014-05-22 Troy Sankeyadd instructions to README
2014-05-22 Troy Sankeyfix css to make images not stretch calendar
2014-05-22 Troy SankeyMerge branch master into calendar
2014-05-22 Vincent WongAdded Vincent descriptions
2014-05-21 Troy Sankeymake calendar style more sleek
2014-05-19 Troy Sankeyremove "here's a list..." paragraph on calendar page
2014-05-19 Troy Sankeyhighlight today on the calendar
2014-05-19 Troy Sankeyfix upcoming events list to use isodate
2014-05-19 Troy Sankeyprepend time to events in calendar
2014-05-19 Troy Sankeyfix equal width table cells
2014-05-19 Troy Sankeymigrate /devcalendar to /calendar
2014-05-19 Troy Sankeyforgot to add calendar.css
2014-05-19 Troy Sankeystart calendar, events don't show yet
2014-05-19 Troy Sankeyupdated README
2014-05-17 Troy Sankeywording on api page
2014-05-17 Troy Sankeyfix name of last_modified.spotlight_html
2014-05-17 Troy Sankeymake location string print as "safe"
2014-05-16 Troy Sankeyadded new services page (to replace git)
2014-05-16 Troy Sankeyadded halloween tux image and levatating GNU dynamic
2014-05-16 Troy Sankeyminor bugfixes
2014-05-16 Troy Sankeyadd events.yaml to api list
2014-05-16 Troy Sankeybugfixes
2014-05-16 Troy Sankeyforgot to add main/templates/api.html
2014-05-16 Troy Sankeywrite simple API page and make index.html dynamic
2014-05-14 Troy Sankeymigrate xml files to yaml and build api framework
2014-04-30 Troy Sankeyupdate README to reflect migration to main/
2014-04-30 Troy Sankeyupdate description for troy in contacts
2014-04-30 Troy Sankeyfix 404 rendering bugs
2014-04-30 Troy Sankeyhttps-ize some links; add piwik tracker
2014-04-30 Troy Sankeyadding haiku messages to 404 page
2013-11-24 Troy Sankeymove EventCalendar.py to new app
2013-11-24 Troy Sankeyadded package files for main app
2013-11-24 Troy Sankeymigrate site content into separate django app
2013-11-22 webserverupdate the Join Us description
2013-11-22 webserverofficially remove git hosting as a member benefit
2013-11-20 webserverrefacored wiki links to remove index.php
2013-11-16 webserverdirect the "subscribe!" link to a wiki page
2013-11-16 webserverupdate website links for troy and nathan
2013-11-04 webserverfix Tux penguin size
2013-11-04 webserverre-style IRC contact info, relocate link to cgiirc
2013-11-04 webserveradd IE check and make Tux SVG compatible with IE
2013-11-04 webserveradded viewBox parameters to all logo SVGs for Internet...
2013-11-03 webserverremove officer emails link from contact page
2013-11-03 webserverupdate officer profiles
2013-11-03 webserverxml parser uses wrong file
2013-11-02 webserverxml comments acceptible
2013-11-02 webserverhtml w3c validated
2013-10-30 webserverupdated front description and added halloween pic
2013-10-28 webserverfix typo in nathan's description
2013-10-28 webservercgiirc links now point to new location
2013-10-25 webserverupdate officer descriptions
2013-10-25 webserverupdated calendar embed code
2013-10-25 webserverupdated site pip requirements
2013-10-06 webserverupdate contact page
2013-10-02 Troy Sankeyadded a Join Us page
2013-09-26 Troy Sankeyupdate events list
2013-09-25 Troy Sankeyupdate events list
2013-09-23 webserverfix last commit
2013-09-23 Troy Sankeymoved back first meeting of the year
2013-09-18 webservercorrect path to find officers.xml
2013-09-18 webserverreduce column size of profiles
2013-09-18 Troy Sankeyadded profile picture for Nathan Aclander on contact... xml_profiles
2013-09-18 Troy Sankeycomplete profile xml parsing for officers feature