descriptionperl CGI script for organizing a keysigning party
ownerTroy Sankey
last changeFri, 15 Apr 2016 07:23:55 +0000 (00:23 -0700)
2016-04-15 Vincent WongFix date on generated keylist to use local time master
2016-04-15 Vincent WongAdd note in .gitginore about .git/info/exclude
2016-04-15 Vincent WongChange basename of url
2016-04-15 Vincent WongClarify INSTUCTIONS
2016-04-15 Vincent WongChanged registration closing period to 1h before
2014-05-16 Troy Sankeyfix HTTP response headers for PDF files
2014-05-10 Troy Sankeyadd title (with date) to keylist
2014-05-10 Troy Sankeyadd instructions file
2014-02-09 Troy Sankeyregistration automatically closes
2014-02-09 Troy Sankeypost-event bugfixing - list of previous keylists
2014-02-09 Troy Sankeydon't call defined on arrays
2014-02-08 Troy Sankeyindicate location of event (BH 4760)
2014-02-08 Troy Sankeygitignore: ignore conf file
2014-02-08 Troy Sankeyuse global $dbh variable correctly
2014-02-08 Troy Sankeyfooter modified: app -> website
2014-02-08 Troy Sankeyform auto-disabling, support for multiple parties
19 months ago master