descriptionA very random bot, but a good conversation starter
ownerVincent Wong
last changeSun, 16 Aug 2015 23:10:13 +0000 (16:10 -0700)
12 days ago Vincent WongAdded tests for master
12 days ago Vincent WongAdded nose as package dependency, fixed minor bug
12 days ago Vincent WongChanged fortunebot.FortuneBot to fortunebot.Fortunebot
12 days ago Vincent WongAdded mock as dependency, a few more botrunner tests
2015-08-02 Vincent WongReorganized FortunebotRunner, added a test
2015-06-22 Vincent WongAdded basic unit test for command line args
2015-06-16 Vincent WongFixed README to note 3.4 support
2015-06-16 Vincent WongUpped version to 1.3 v1.3
2015-05-04 Vincent WongFixed scripts/fortune for py3
2015-05-04 Vincent Wongbot now uses unicode everywhere
2015-05-04 Vincent WongGeneralized utils/EasyConfigParser for py2/3 compatibility
2015-05-04 Vincent WongFixed unicode issues in send_msg to work in py2/py3
2015-05-04 Vincent WongCleaned up utils/easyconfigparser
2015-05-04 Vincent WongUsed the six package in various places for py3
2015-05-04 Vincent WongChanged scripts/weather to use requests
2015-05-04 Vincent WongChanged scripts/insult to use requests
2 months ago v1.3
3 months ago v1.2
12 days ago master