descriptionA very random bot, but a good conversation starter
ownerVincent Wong
last changeSun, 16 Aug 2015 23:10:13 +0000 (16:10 -0700)
2015-08-16 Vincent WongAdded tests for master
2015-08-16 Vincent WongAdded nose as package dependency, fixed minor bug
2015-08-16 Vincent WongChanged fortunebot.FortuneBot to fortunebot.Fortunebot
2015-08-16 Vincent WongAdded mock as dependency, a few more botrunner tests
2015-08-02 Vincent WongReorganized FortunebotRunner, added a test
2015-06-22 Vincent WongAdded basic unit test for command line args
2015-06-16 Vincent WongFixed README to note 3.4 support
2015-06-16 Vincent WongUpped version to 1.3 v1.3
2015-05-04 Vincent WongFixed scripts/fortune for py3
2015-05-04 Vincent Wongbot now uses unicode everywhere
2015-05-04 Vincent WongGeneralized utils/EasyConfigParser for py2/3 compatibility
2015-05-04 Vincent WongFixed unicode issues in send_msg to work in py2/py3
2015-05-04 Vincent WongCleaned up utils/easyconfigparser
2015-05-04 Vincent WongUsed the six package in various places for py3
2015-05-04 Vincent WongChanged scripts/weather to use requests
2015-05-04 Vincent WongChanged scripts/insult to use requests
2 years ago v1.3
2 years ago v1.2
2 years ago master