descriptionA very random bot, but a good conversation starter
ownerVincent Wong
last changeFri, 1 May 2015 08:12:25 +0000 (01:12 -0700)
4 days ago Vincent WongUpped version number to 1.2 master
4 days ago Vincent WongUpdated a few module docstrings
4 days ago Vincent WongUpdated README
4 days ago Vincent WongAdded a fortunebot-generate-config hook
4 days ago Vincent WongRemoved user-specific entries from project .gitignore
4 days ago Vincent WongChanged default config search path
4 days ago Vincent WongCleaned up other scripts also
4 days ago Vincent WongMade a killproc closure in scripts/fortune
4 days ago Vincent WongRemoved unnecessary prefix underscores in functions
5 days ago Vincent WongReplaced install with setuptools console_script
5 days ago Vincent WongChanged entrypoint to
5 days ago Vincent WongOverhauled gitignore
2015-02-16 Vincent WongReplaced Weather setlimit option with zippath
2015-02-16 Vincent WongCleaned up Remind tremendously
2015-02-16 Vincent WongCleaned up Replace slightly
2015-02-16 Vincent WongAdded a general insert method to CacheDict for modified...
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