descriptionA very random bot, but a good conversation starter
ownerVincent Wong
last changeMon, 16 Feb 2015 19:33:53 +0000 (11:33 -0800)
12 days ago Vincent WongReplaced Weather setlimit option with zippath master
12 days ago Vincent WongCleaned up Remind tremendously
12 days ago Vincent WongCleaned up Replace slightly
12 days ago Vincent WongAdded a general insert method to CacheDict for modified...
13 days ago Vincent WongFixed disagreement about CONFDIR in install/uninstall...
13 days ago Vincent WongAdded a global enable option
13 days ago Vincent WongEasyConfigParser's get functions now allow default...
2015-02-15 Vincent WongScript __init__ now dynamically adds modules to __all__
2015-02-13 Vincent WongMoved bot and scripts naming style to full underscore
2015-02-13 Vincent WongAdded the choose script
2015-02-09 Vincent WongUpdated a bunch of docs
2015-02-09 Vincent WongChanged to use CacheDict
2015-02-09 Vincent WongCacheDict's oldest-set pop is now O(1)
2015-02-09 Vincent WongAdded CacheDict to utils
2015-02-09 Vincent WongAdded set option to weather
2015-02-09 Vincent WongAdded caching to weather script
12 days ago master