descriptionA very random bot, but a good conversation starter
ownerVincent Wong
last changeMon, 16 Feb 2015 19:33:53 +0000 (11:33 -0800)
2015-02-16 Vincent WongReplaced Weather setlimit option with zippath master
2015-02-16 Vincent WongCleaned up Remind tremendously
2015-02-16 Vincent WongCleaned up Replace slightly
2015-02-16 Vincent WongAdded a general insert method to CacheDict for modified...
2015-02-15 Vincent WongFixed disagreement about CONFDIR in install/uninstall...
2015-02-15 Vincent WongAdded a global enable option
2015-02-15 Vincent WongEasyConfigParser's get functions now allow default...
2015-02-15 Vincent WongScript __init__ now dynamically adds modules to __all__
2015-02-13 Vincent WongMoved bot and scripts naming style to full underscore
2015-02-13 Vincent WongAdded the choose script
2015-02-09 Vincent WongUpdated a bunch of docs
2015-02-09 Vincent WongChanged to use CacheDict
2015-02-09 Vincent WongCacheDict's oldest-set pop is now O(1)
2015-02-09 Vincent WongAdded CacheDict to utils
2015-02-09 Vincent WongAdded set option to weather
2015-02-09 Vincent WongAdded caching to weather script
2 months ago master