10 days ago Vincent WongAdded tests for master
10 days ago Vincent WongAdded nose as package dependency, fixed minor bug
11 days ago Vincent WongChanged fortunebot.FortuneBot to fortunebot.Fortunebot
11 days ago Vincent WongAdded mock as dependency, a few more botrunner tests
2015-08-02 Vincent WongReorganized FortunebotRunner, added a test
2015-06-22 Vincent WongAdded basic unit test for command line args
2015-06-16 Vincent WongFixed README to note 3.4 support
2015-06-16 Vincent WongUpped version to 1.3 v1.3
2015-05-04 Vincent WongFixed scripts/fortune for py3
2015-05-04 Vincent Wongbot now uses unicode everywhere
2015-05-04 Vincent WongGeneralized utils/EasyConfigParser for py2/3 compatibility
2015-05-04 Vincent WongFixed unicode issues in send_msg to work in py2/py3
2015-05-04 Vincent WongCleaned up utils/easyconfigparser
2015-05-04 Vincent WongUsed the six package in various places for py3
2015-05-04 Vincent WongChanged scripts/weather to use requests
2015-05-04 Vincent WongChanged scripts/insult to use requests
2015-05-04 Vincent WongFixed bot send_msg to work correctly with unicode message
2015-05-04 Vincent WongFixed's clean mutating dictionary while iterating
2015-05-04 Vincent WongModernized some code according to 2to3
2015-05-03 Vincent WongUpdated logging to log traceback when the bot dies
2015-05-01 Vincent WongUpped version number to 1.2 v1.2
2015-05-01 Vincent WongUpdated a few module docstrings
2015-05-01 Vincent WongUpdated README
2015-05-01 Vincent WongAdded a fortunebot-generate-config hook
2015-04-30 Vincent WongRemoved user-specific entries from project .gitignore
2015-04-30 Vincent WongChanged default config search path
2015-04-30 Vincent WongCleaned up other scripts also
2015-04-30 Vincent WongMade a killproc closure in scripts/fortune
2015-04-30 Vincent WongRemoved unnecessary prefix underscores in functions
2015-04-30 Vincent WongReplaced install with setuptools console_script
2015-04-30 Vincent WongChanged entrypoint to
2015-04-30 Vincent WongOverhauled gitignore
2015-02-16 Vincent WongReplaced Weather setlimit option with zippath
2015-02-16 Vincent WongCleaned up Remind tremendously
2015-02-16 Vincent WongCleaned up Replace slightly
2015-02-16 Vincent WongAdded a general insert method to CacheDict for modified...
2015-02-15 Vincent WongFixed disagreement about CONFDIR in install/uninstall...
2015-02-15 Vincent WongAdded a global enable option
2015-02-15 Vincent WongEasyConfigParser's get functions now allow default...
2015-02-15 Vincent WongScript __init__ now dynamically adds modules to __all__
2015-02-13 Vincent WongMoved bot and scripts naming style to full underscore
2015-02-13 Vincent WongAdded the choose script
2015-02-09 Vincent WongUpdated a bunch of docs
2015-02-09 Vincent WongChanged to use CacheDict
2015-02-09 Vincent WongCacheDict's oldest-set pop is now O(1)
2015-02-09 Vincent WongAdded CacheDict to utils
2015-02-09 Vincent WongAdded set option to weather
2015-02-09 Vincent WongAdded caching to weather script
2015-02-07 Vincent WongAdded ability for weather to geolocate hostname
2015-02-07 Vincent WongMade replace lines 1-indexed
2015-02-07 Vincent now passes full irc.client.NickMask to scripts
2015-02-03 Vincent WongConnect.channels now work without '#' prefix to channel
2015-02-03 Vincent WongFixed bot open files getting destroyed by IO redirection
2015-02-02 Vincent WongFixed bug with searching for wrong confg name
2015-02-02 Vincent WongUpdated README and added comments to example config
2015-02-02 Vincent WongAdded fortune configs to set ping try limit and interval
2015-02-02 Vincent WongAdded proper disconnection detection
2015-02-02 Vincent WongAdded importlib as dependency in
2015-02-02 Vincent WongUpdated EINTR hack to work with irclib v11
2014-11-14 Vincent WongAdded burn script
2014-09-19 Vincent WongFixed uninstall not remove binary, updated README
2014-09-19 Vincent WongAdded option in markov to record new text into markov...
2014-09-18 Vincent WongUpdated config file, paths, install/uninstall scripts
2014-09-18 Vincent WongIntegrated help system into bot engine, removed bothelp...
2014-09-18 Vincent WongMore PEP-8 compliance and pylint silence
2014-09-18 Vincent WongUpdated and added documentation
2014-09-18 Vincent WongOverhauled config and script loading system
2014-09-17 Vincent WongFixed remind to work independently in each channel
2014-09-17 Vincent WongAdded multi-channel support for bot engine
2014-05-28 Vincent WongFixed replace crashing bot due to unprintable characters
2014-05-24 Vincent WongAdded a damn option in replace to choose line and to...
2014-05-15 Vincent WongModified replace to ignore anything after the third...
2014-03-21 Vincent WongAdded replace description in README and comments
2014-03-08 Vincent WongFixed reconnect system
2014-03-01 Vincent WongFixed bug in remind when multiple messages trigger...
2014-02-23 Vincent WongMade maxlength and shortcut on/off configuration for...
2014-02-20 Vincent WongAdded replace help msg, fixed small replace bug
2014-02-19 Vincent WongAdded untested replace script
2014-02-11 Troy Sankeywrapped to 80 cols
2014-02-11 Vincent WongUpdated README
2014-02-11 Vincent WongRemoved fortunebot home; config and data files will...
2014-02-08 Vincent WongAllow a work directory to be specified for botrunner...
2014-02-05 Vincent WongForgot to stage deletions
2014-02-05 Vincent WongReorganized package, added help for remind, fixed misc...
2014-02-04 Vincent WongAdded remind script, bot script polling (1 Hz), other...
2014-01-29 Vincent WongSwitched to a more standard logging method, fixed small...
2014-01-29 Vincent WongFixed empty input bug, added EasyConfigParser, added...
2014-01-25 Vincent WongAdded help script
2014-01-21 Vincent WongUpdated README, fixed latin-1 encoding problem in fortune
2014-01-20 Vincent WongOrganized the scripts into pure bot plugins, integrated...
2014-01-20 Vincent WongWrote a basic markov chain script, not integrated with bot
2014-01-19 Vincent WongAdded a little hack in to work around irclib...
2014-01-13 Vincent WongFixed reconnect bugs, added weather key field to config
2014-01-13 Vincent WongBot now reads all settings from a configuration file
2014-01-10 Vincent WongGave fortunebot a proper home folder, daemon by default...
2014-01-10 Vincent WongForgot to update-rc.d in install script
2014-01-08 Vincent WongDaemonization now closes all fds
2014-01-07 Vincent WongAdded uninstall script, fixed install and setup scripts
2014-01-07 Vincent WongAdded SysV init script, install script
2014-01-04 Vincent WongFixed reconnect bugs and changed name to fortunebot