Here is the source code for various LUG@UCLA projects.
project-name can be cloned with: $ git clone
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Project Description Owner Last Change
apps/LugAtUcla.git Android app for brew-detector Andy Spencer 2 years ago
bots/fortunebot.git A very random bot, but a good... Vincent Wong 10 months ago
bots/pollbot.git Easily conduct polls on IRC Troy Sankey 2 years ago
brew-detector.git detect if coffee was brewed Troy Sankey 2 years ago
debian-guest.git guest account for debian LUG Officers 2 years ago
installfest-flyer.git flyer for quarterly linux... LUG Officers 20 months ago
keysigning-party.git perl CGI script for organizing... Troy Sankey 2 months ago
lug-banner.git banner design LUG Officers 2 years ago
lug-db-backup.git script for dumping, archiving... LUG Officers 19 months ago
lug-logo.git The official logo of LUG@UCLA LUG Officers 3 years ago
lug-membership.git Membership form for LUG@UCLA Troy Sankey 20 months ago
lump.git Linux Users Media Player ... LUG Officers 18 months ago
tux-shirt.git Modified Tux for the 2013... LUG Officers 3 years ago
ucla-lug-website.git The website of LUG@UCLA LUG Officers 6 weeks ago
vpaste.git a simple pastebin that uses... LUG Officers 2 years ago